Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is something that many homeowners choose because the stump in their yard is not easily removed. While in the past it wasn’t uncommon to see stumps in quite a few yards in any given neighborhood, it’s becoming less and less common all the time, because of the convenience and affordability of stump grinding. You can make over the whole look of your yard with stump grinding because you’ll quickly and easily take away the unsightly stump!

Stump grinding will not only do away with the original stump, it will also likely grind the stump to the point that it will not produce much in the way of little sprouts all over the yard, as is common with stumps and root systems that are left in the yards where a tree used to stand.

For All Seasons Tree Service can grind stumps down 18’’ below the surface making the area ready to landscape in a flash. Depending on the location of the stump, marking of underground utilities may be necessary.

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