Tree Service Equipment

For All Seasons Tree Service in Loganville, GA, has a full fleet of tree service equipment, including a 65 Ft. Bucket Truck, Log Truck, Brush Bandit 280XP Wood Chipper, Chipper Truck, and 863 Bobcat.

65 Foot Bucket Truck

There is a huge advantage of a tree service having the proper equipment to do a job. Our 65-foot bucket truck has proved itself as a necessity enabling us to do our job correctly time and time again! By utilizing the lift on our bucket truck, we can get in hard to reach places high off the ground. The lift not only provides a huge safety factor for our tree removal staff, but helps protect surrounding trees, buildings and property during the tree removal process.

Brush Bandit 280XP Wood Chipper

The Brush Bandit 280XP Wood Chipper is an incredibly productive hand-fed disc-style chipper. The feed system on this chipper is powerful enough to pull large diameter whole trees into the chipper. The large opening is 18″ x 20 1/2″, allowing for multiple or large diameter trees to be chipped with ease.

Let’s Get Started

For All Seasons Tree Service opened in 2003, and co-founder Todd King has more than 25 years in the tree care industry.